Monday, April 30, 2012

Black and White Pig Mug - Spotted Hog - $25.00

Of all the animal mugs I make, pigs are my favorite. They always end up with their own piganality. This one is no different. With a wry look on his face, this black and white pig mug looks like he is wondering "why?" Well, why not! This mug is the first black and white pig made by Montana artist and potter Kate Bertin.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hangover Green Funny Face Mug - $25.00

Most of us know he feeling - up in the morning, too much fun the night before, feeling green around the gills. This funny face mug will make you smile whether you have a hangover or not! Hand thrown on artist Kate Bertin's kick wheel, the mug then was sculpted into this unique and one of a kind mug. The body of the mug is glazed with a matte glaze called speckled almond, and feels lovely in your hands.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beer Stein: Leather-look ceramic SCA or LARP - $35.00

This one of a kind beer stein will keep you from being thirsty for a looong time! Hand made out of slab-rolled clay by Montana artist Kate Bertin, the stein was then decorated "laces" impressed into the clay. Kate added a sturdy handle that has the look of a leather strap, and glazed the stein in a mottled rich brown.

Perfect for Renaissance Faires, SCA, LARP or just for having a giant stein ...

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Beaded Mask - Imagination Gone Wild - Multi-Media Ceramic, Bead, Paint and Glitter - $100.00

This beaded mask started life as a plain white ceramic mask, formed by throwing a slab of clay over my face, causing my children to wonder about my sanity. After it was fired and glazed, the process of experimentation and creation began. The beads are attached to the ceramic using a heavy-duty glue. A light layer of white acrylic paint was laid over the white beads to brighten the background, and glitter glue worked ...

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bodice Mug: Serving Wench in Blue and Orange - $30.00

Now you can have your own serving wench serve your coffee with this unique bodice mug. Perfect for Renaissance Faires, LARP, or just knocking around the castle!

This mug was first thrown on a kick wheel by Montana artist Kate Bertin, then sculpted to create this one-of-a-kind beverage server. The pleasingly plump serving wench mug holds more than 12 fluid ounces, either hot or cold!


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Face Jug: Large Victorian Look Face Vase - Beautiful Elf - $45.00

This beautiful and large face vase would look wonderful with a spray of tulips sprouting from his head. The sculpted face, created by Montana artist Kate Bertin, was intended to be an elf, as in the Lord of the Rings stories. He DOES look very elfin - but along the way, he acquired a Victorian-era, beautiful young man kind of look.

Kate threw the vase on a kick wheel, then sculpted the fine features. A...

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Brown Dog Mug: Hand Sculpted OOAK - $25.00

This sweet brown dog mug will be your best friend, and never chew on your shoes or pee on the couch! Hand thrown by Montana artist Kate Bertin, the mug was then sculpted into the cute, one of a kind dog face. The glazes are lead free and food safe, so this pup can be used every day at your morning barkfast. :D


Height: 3.25 inches

Width: 3 inches

Total Width: 4 inches

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