Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kabuki pictures

So, as I mentioned before, my mom is very lame at keeping up with this blog. She claims to be ultra-busy. I think she just can't stand immersing herself in the level of cuteness that I bring to the screen.

I wanted to share a few pictures of myself. I have grown A LOT in the past few weeks. For a time, my favorite retreat from the dog was to hide in his dog dish. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it seemed to protect me from his mighty jaws.

Then tonight, all I was trying to do was sleep, and what do you suppose - my mom took the camera, held it up above me and ... FLASH! There I was again. Good GRIEF, these people! I'm trying to take a NAP here.

Even though they are a little camera-happy, I am happy and healthy and glad I have such a great family. They are glad they have me too - lucky for them. If they weren't, they would suffer the wrath of KABUKI!


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  3. i absolutely love these photo's, i actually got to know about your blog by some forum, nyc!!!