Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My mom fails - bigtime

Hi, it's me, Kabuki. Wow, I have been trying and trying to get my mom to post some new stories about me. I'm practically twice as big as the last time she put up pictures! But she says she has been too busy with work and coaching and throwing pots in her studio for Christmas.

I like the studio - it's filled with all kinds of things I can get into. Sometimes she takes the lids off these big white buckets and uses a big brush to stir around this funny-smelling liquid. I try to get in to taste it, but the buckets are too tall. All I can do is put my little paws up on top of them and peek in. Even then, she tries to chase me away! It MUST be something good, if she doesn't want me to have it.

Mom's pottery studio has a kick wheel, too. I like to play with the kick wheel, but I have to be careful. I can smack it with my paws, but once I tried pouncing. THAT was a big mistake. I flew around on the wheel and flew right off the other side! I'll never try that again. But one of these days, I'm going to stop that wheel just be smacking it with my paw. Just see if I don't.

Anyway, there are new pictures of me somewhere. I am getting bigger and stronger and much more fierce than ever before. Rawr. Now if only I could get those dogs to see how fierce I am!

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