Friday, October 29, 2010

Yarn Yarn Yarn Yarn - I just love to SAY the word.

Yarn Yarn Yarn Yarn - I just love to SAY the word.
One awesome thing about being a kitten is that you get to learn new things almost every day. Take this thing called yarn, for instance. My daddy has been saying for weeks that we needed to get me a ball of yarn. I had no idea what he was talking about. Mom always just said "uh huh," and nothing new ever happened.

Then today, Mom picked me up and put me in a high place, and a miracle happened! I FLEW! But let me tell you the whole story. In the high place, there was a shiny brown bowl. It had a long string coming out of the round bowl thing
 (I know what bowls are, because I eat from them.) The bowl had a kitty on it - just like me! Then she took the long stringy thing and pushed it through a hole in the bowl.

I'm no dummy - I know what to do when there is string in a pile. I POUNCED, and then I ATTACKED.

Well, you know what happens when you put kittens and string together. I grabbed that rope in my teeth and PULLED. It came right out of the hole in the bowl - aand it got longer, and longer... and suddenly, I dropped of the edge of the world!

My mom was taking pictures at the time. She was pretty surprised when I dropped out of the frame - but nobody was as surprised as I was. When she put me back up on the high place, I took a careful look around, peeking over every single edge. No matter where I went, it was high. 

Then my mom picked me up and put me on the floor with the bowl and ball of string she called "yarn." But by this time, I was smarter. I KNEW yarn was dangerous - it makes you fall off high places. 

Oh, by the way, my mom says the yarn bowl is for sale in her Etsy store. Whatever THAT means!

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