Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OK. Let's talk toilets.

Kabuki shows off his mohawk after a nice warm bath.
Seriously, yeah? You people get to use this shiny white throne, filled with lovely water that just washes all the poo right down a hole and sends it to who knows where. No smell, no mess, and definitely NO SCRATCHING.

So what's up with this litterbox thing? Today I used the litterbox by myself for the first time, and let me tell you, it is no fine defeCATory experience! The clay sticks to my feet, the poo sticks to my butt, and I had to have a BATH afterward! Why don't you people just make toilets that are my size? I'd even learn to flush, honest.


I guess it's just like the food you put in the middle of the plate. I'm going to try to learn not to put my feet in it. It's hard being a kitten.


  1. artlover, that hair is actually a leftover symptom of nutritional shock - Kabuki lost most of his hair after he started drinking from a bottle. It's growing back in a gray and black stripe pattern, but we're hoping he keeps his mohawk.