Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kabuki's story - Part 1

When I was just a week old, smaller than a hand, my human mommy found me crying in the tall grass out at the horse corrals. She picked me up and wandered around, trying to find my cat mom, but had no luck. So after 45 minutes of trying to decide what to do about me, she took me home. "We have a little problem," she announced to my new dad.

They fed me milk with a ketchup bottle the first night - good thing they thought to look on the Internets for kitten milk recipes, because cow milk isn't good for kitten tummies. Then a nice lady at work had a kitty bottle - so no more sipping from a big plastic red bottle for me! My mom discovered that if she kept the electric heater running near my box, I got nice and warm and cozy, and didn't cry so much at night.

Anyway, I survived that first week, even though I wasn't much larger than a peanut. I had a little problem with my hair around week 2 (half of it fell out), but the doctor said I probably just had problems adjusting to my new food.  Now they're not sure if I'm going to be gray or black. I have black and gray stripes where my hair is growing in. One thing is certain - I'm going to be ADORABLE!

Now I'm three and a half weeks old and growing every day. Today I am very hungry, and so far have eaten like a tiny pot-bellied pig (at least that's what my mom says). Tomorrow, I will share a few of the things my mom has learned about tiny baby kittens since she found me. Until then - keep your paws dry!

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