Monday, October 18, 2010

My New Best Friend

Kabuki at 5 weeks - ready to play
So I may have mentioned earlier that this house has several other four-legged occupants. One of them is an enormous black... I think they call him a dog. He's a German Shepherd, whatever that means. Anyway, he is so big I can hardly see him. His tongue is as big as all of me. I know this because he always wants to lick my butt.

My mom knows that it's important for the dogs to get along with me, and to know it's not ok to eat me. I am very happy she is teaching them this. But up until this week, I really couldn't move around all that quickly, and I was so small, I didn't get to visit the dogs without being held.

A few days ago, my mom put me on the floor to let the dogs get used to me. I was afraid of them. The big black dog - his name is Newton - laid down on the floor and put his head down, so that I could look him in the face. He laid there very still, so I decided I would go check him out. Turns out I LIKE dogs! The only thing is, he's so very big that he has to be careful where he puts his feet. It would still be pretty easy to squish me.

Newton sniffs at this strange little furball that has decided to crawl on him.
The other active dog in the house, a cocker/Boston terrier mix, is afraid of me! I was just trying to play, and I chased her right under the table. What a chicken.

Maybe she's afraid because of what happened the other day. I was on the floor again, and Freya (that's the little dog) bowed down like she wanted to play - but she was being very rough. Before she could do anything to hurt me, Newton pushed his head between the two of us and made her behave. My hero!

I have included a few pictures of me and my new best friend. I hope you enjoy them.

"See how good I'm being, Mom? This little furball is REALLY little...


  1. awwww that is adorable. Love the pics. And I think Newton is a great dog and has taken the role of big brother quite well. =^..^=

  2. This is so precious! I hope they turn out o to be the best of friends!