Friday, October 8, 2010

The World According to Kabuki, Age 4 Weeks

The world is big. I am small.

The world is puzzling. It's filled with giant creatures, some with two legs, some with four. The four-legged ones have giant tongues and seem obsessed with licking my bottom.

Words people seem to use all the time: "Awwwww!" and "CUUUUUUTE!" Do you think maybe it's my name?

Warm milk is good, but the plastic bottle it comes in annoys me.

I have paws. I just found them last week. They are fun to chew on, and sometimes I can hit things with them. My mom likes it when I pat her face with them. She doesn't like it when I have these sharp things on the ends of my fingers out and try to pat her face. Then she says "OW!" and pulls me away.

Speaking of "ow," my mom also doesn't like it when I bite her chin. I don't know why - my teeth are very little.

The world is big. I am small. Life is good. Keep your paws clean!

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