Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh my goodness, FISH

It's a big day for me today. I am four weeks old, and today I had my first taste of FISH! Well, that's what the can said it was, although it looked a little like brown mush with milk. My mom found out today that I should probably have been eating solid food a whole week ago, which might explain why I am so very hungry when I drink my milk. So she went to the grocery store and got a can of this smelly brown stuff and mixed it on a plate with some milk.

First my mom tried to get me to eat it by putting her finger in it and holding it up to my lips. Let me tell you, that is NOT the way to get me to eat! So finally she just left me alone to use my sniffer. It smelled GOOD! So I put my face down and lapped it right up. Mmmm, I don't know why she waited so long to give me the good stuff.

Now, I'm hungry, but I'm still not very good at using my paws. When I put my head down to smell the mush, I stepped right in the middle of it with BOTH PAWS! I didn't care, but my mom said she was grossed out. I just kept on eating and eating, happy that I finally had something besides milk in my tummy.

Well, my first attempt at eating was a little messy. OK, a LOT messy. My mom even took pictures, because she thought I looked so funny. Sheesh, mothers!


  1. AWwwww!!! What a hungry little kitty!! (And now in desperate need of a bath!) ;-)

  2. Ha, Renee, this kitty gets baths so often he's going to be a water cat. :D